Lighting Bollards Designs

12 June 2014

Posted by Utility Structures Inc.

Utility Structures Inc. (USI) is a precast concrete manufacturer, specializing in concrete poles for Outdoor Streetlighting, Sports Lighting and Utility/Hydro Distribution. We also have a comprehensive line of Utility Underground Products, Highway Barriers, Pole Bases and Storage Sheds.

USI is pleased to announce the addition of four new lighting bollard designs.

BHA – Hampton (Round) Lighting Bollard
BMA – Madison (Octagonal) Lighting Bollard
BST – Stratford (Tiered Octagonal) Lighting Bollard
BWA – Washington (Fluted) Lighting Bollard

These are designed to be direct buried, which is simple and cost effective, but are also available as a base mounted option. They’re available in all our colours and finishes.

Please visit our Lighting Bollard Section for more information.

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