132" high Parking Lot Pyramid Pole Base


P52-132 (H)


48" x 48" x 132" (H)

1220mm x 1220mm x 3.35m (H)


15' to 60'

3.05m to 18.29m




Above Grade

Standard Features

Image of bolt circle diameter on pole base

Range of Bolt Circle Diameters

Our pole bases come with a range of available bolt circle diameters, allowing the anchor bolts to be cast-in as per job requirement.

Image of cast-in anchor bolts on pole base

Cast-in Galvanized Bolts

Embedded and centered on the base for a perfectly positioned pole.

Custom Option

Specify the number of anchor bolts you require to affix the pole to the base. Our standard base has 4 cast-in bolts.

Image of cast-in conduits in pole bases

Cast-in Conduits

Hollow conduits help you wire and connect simply and quickly.

Custom Option

Specify the number and position of the conduits. Our standard base has 2 cast-in conduits.

Lifting System

Maneuver and install pole bases into place with ease.

Customize our pole bases.

Please contact a USI representative to find out more about customizing any of our pole bases.

Standard Colour and Finish

Plain Grey / Mold Finish

Plain Grey / Mold Finish

Our Plain Grey / Mold Finish is our standard default colour and finish, making this an economical choice. For custom colours and finishes, please refer to our Standard Features and Customization section.

Note: The Mold Finish is only available in Plain Grey and is not available in our additional colour options.

CSA Details

CSA 23.4-05

  • 45 MPa (6525psi) at 28 days
  • Stripping Strength: Min. 20 MPa (2900psi)
  • 5-8% Air Entrained
  • Exposure Class: C-1

Reinforcing: Steel to CSA CAN A23.1

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